RITUXAN therapy

Goals of treatment for NHL

Some types of NHL grow slowly and may not require immediate treatment. You may not even have any obvious symptoms when you are diagnosed. When this is the case, your doctor may decide it's best to just keep an eye on your health. This is called watch and wait. Other types of NHL grow quickly and will probably require treatment sooner.

When treatment is needed, your healthcare team will work with you to find treatment options. Some of the goals of treatment for NHL are to:

  • Relieve symptoms
  • Keep the disease from advancing
  • Get the disease into remission

If your doctor says you need treatment, there are many options. These include antibody therapy and/or chemotherapy. Often, doctors combine these 2 types of treatment. The appropriate treatment for you depends on:

  • The type of NHL: slow growing or fast growing
  • The stage of NHL: how much NHL there is and where it is in your body
  • Your personal characteristics: such as age and overall health

Once you begin treatment, your doctor will need to regularly check:

  • Your symptoms
  • The size of your lymph nodes, liver, or spleen
  • Your blood count measures


RITUXAN is available by prescription only.