RITUXAN therapy

How you will receive RITUXAN 

  • RITUXAN is given by infusion through a needle placed in a vein (intravenous infusion) in your arm. Talk to your doctor about how you will receive RITUXAN

  • Your doctor may prescribe medicines before each infusion of RITUXAN to reduce side effects of infusions such as fever and chills

  • Your doctor should do regular blood tests to check for side effects to RITUXAN

Before each RITUXAN treatment, your doctor or nurse will ask you questions about your general health. Tell your doctor or nurse about any new symptoms.

What should I tell my doctor before receiving RITUXAN? >

Your doctor should give you medicines before your infusion of RITUXAN to reduce the risk of having a severe infusion-related reaction. Medications commonly used before RITUXAN infusions include antihistamines and acetaminophen.

Severe reactions typically occur during the first RITUXAN infusion. Taking the suggested medication before treatment may reduce the chance of having a severe infusion reaction. Be sure to talk to your doctor or nurse about the medication you should take before taking RITUXAN.


RITUXAN is available by prescription only.